The Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System
The Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System The Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System
The Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System

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Deer have an acute sense of hearing. They are also highly unpredictable, skittish animals. Their normal reaction to an unfamiliar sound is to stop, look and listen to determine if they are being threatened. The Hornet Deer Avoidance System will cause the deer to become aware of your approaching vehicle. The sound waves created by this device are semi-directional. Therefore, the primary awareness is in a forward direction.   Deer and other animals will react by carefully watching your approaching vehicle.   They will not necessarily run from an approaching sound, therefore you should always be alert and drive with caution, especially in high risk areas.

The Hornet Deer Avoidance Device is your best protection from vehicle damage and deadly animal related accidents.

But don't just take our word for it!

XP3 Hornet testimonial
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"I was reading the section 'Between the Lines' in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of HogTales. In the article, Critters Ahead, on the sidebar, the paragraph on 'Deer Whistles' interested me.

"Shortly after purchasing our 2007 Ultra Classic, my wife and I came within 3 feet of a collision with a large doe. I did some research and decided to try an Electronic Deer Avoidance Sysem called the Hornet.

"The unit is electronically powered and doesn't rely on air flow to power it.

"The area in which we live has a large deer population, and you can usually see them grazing in the fields. Without the unit switched on, the deer in the fields ignore the sound of the bike and continue eating and moving around. When I switch the unit on, the deer stop grazing and moving around and stand at alert with their heads up and watch me until I'm well past them. The fields are about 400 yards deep. Since using the device, I have had only one deer cross in front of my bike, and at a distance that allowed me to easily slow down.

"Deer are like people; not everyone pays attention to warning devices.

"I realize that I haven't conducted a scientific study with the controls, etc. But, we feel that this device works and it's less expensive than a new bike, hospital bills or a funeral.

"I purchased mine through one of the motorcycle catalogs, showed my Harley dealer (Wyoming County Harley-Davidson in Varysburg, NY), and they now carry the device."

– David - New York - Submitted to H.O.G.Tales.

XP3 Hornet testimonial

"When a deer ran into my car in Oct. Of 2005, I was shocked. I had never seen a deer in person, let alone have one to run into the side of my car. I was so blessed that I wasn't injured. When I started searching for devices to deter the deer, I came across your site. After talking to Rita, I immediately purchased 4 Hornets. I had seen on 3 occasions incidents that made me believe it was working and I felt so much safer. But about 2 weeks ago, when I was driving down Brainard Rd. In Pepper Pike, 2 deer were coming from the woods and were about to cross the street. Traffic was coming from both directions. They were running. When I approached the area, the deer froze, turned, and went back into the woods. It was in broad daylight. I had my 3 nieces in the car with me. They were amazed and so was I. It could have been a potential accident. I can't imagine what the other drivers were thinking. What a blessing the Hornet is. Everybody should have one. It would help insurance rates and drastically reduce accidents and injuries."

– JoAnn - Ohio

"I ordered and installed a pair of XP-3s in our cars approx. one year ago (after our second deer accident) and wanted to compliment you on your ingenuity. My wife and I have each witnessed the device's performance on many occasions. While we continue to drive defensively, especially on our country roads here in central western New Jersey, we have watched deer on the side of the road as we approach. The deer always snap their heads around and stare at our cars which, if nothing else, indicates that they are aware of our presence. On several occasions, we've seen deer deviate from their paths as we drove by."

– Steve and Carla - New Jersey

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XP3 Hornet testimonial

XP3 Hornet testimonial

XP3 Hornet testimonial

"I wanted to report to you that I now have serveral specific instances where the XP3 appears to have worked! On several instances, last night being the most recent, I personally witnessed a group of several deer stop in a field adjacent to our local country road and purposely look at our car as we approached them. This is a new behavior that they have not previously shown. The deer then ran in an opposite direction from us. Victory. A second deer, a young stag, ran into the road ahead of us, but again, turned to look at the car and then veered off into the field. They are certainly responding to the XP3 sound, not the car's lights or engine sound. In no case was I speeding, of course, as I am overly cautious after two deer strikes in one year. That being said, I am far more confident when I drive down dark backroads where my headlamps simply cannot illuminate the sides of the road from where the deer spring. Thanks for a great product and excellent service."

– Steve

"... I have your units on 4 of my vehicles and I wouldn't be without them."

– Doug - Wisconsin

"After a close call with a deer, we installed The Hornet on our Harleys. There have been several occasions where The Hornet has frozen a deer, allowing us enough time to react and avoid a accident."

– Bill and Kathy - Georgetown

"I have a Hornet on every vehicle, and am a firm believer in their use."

– Gary - Ohio

"I encountered two separate situations one evening around dusk when deer ran up to the edge of the road, but, with my approach, turned abruptly around and ran back into the woods. I attribute this unusual animal behavior to the Hornet deer avoidance system I had operating on my motorcycle."

– Don - New York

"After spending 9 weeks in intensive care from my deer accident in Minnesota, I will not drive my car without the Hornet."

– Melissa - Florida

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